To help prevent teeth from becoming decayed and damaged by cavities, our Valdosta, GA, office can provide a fluoride treatment as part of your routine dental cleaning. Dr. Brett Hester places great importance on preventative care to help keep patients’ teeth and gums healthy. This special solution contains vital nutrients and minerals necessary to repair and strengthen tooth enamel. It can be quickly and comfortably completed at the end of your dental cleaning or any general dentistry procedure. Fluoride treatment every six months can help children and adults prevent tooth decay known to cause costly and complex restorative procedures.

What Is Fluoride and Why Is it Important?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that be found in certain foods and drinking water. This protective agent is designed to shield your teeth from plaque buildup and unhealthy bacteria. It can also repair a tooth that is showing signs of demineralization, by restoring tooth enamel and preventing the need for a dental filling. When acids from the foods you consume remain on the surface of your teeth for long periods of time, they will begin to eat away at the enamel. As the enamel erosion progresses, it will produce small holes known as cavities. Unaddressed cavities can lead to toothaches, gum disease, and ultimately require extensive dental work.

Although enamel erosion is a serious issue for adults, it can be detrimental for young children with developing teeth and lead to long-term negative effects on their oral health. Since sugar is one of the leading causing of cavities, and sugar is regularly consumed by children, it places them at a greater risk of enamel demineralization. By implementing fluoride treatments into your child’s dental care, it can help them maintain their natural teeth as long as possible.

What to Expect during Your Fluoride Treatment

During your routine dental cleaning, the hygienist will remove plaque buildup with specialized dental instruments and floss. She will then use a high-powered toothbrush and grainy paste to brighten the enamel and remove any excess plaque. Once your teeth are clean and dry, you will be given a small cup of fluoride to rinse with. It is vital that as you rinse, you make sure to get the fluoride throughout your entire mouth so all your teeth are treated. We offer several different flavors of fluoride to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for both adult and young patients alike.

By implementing fluoride treatments into your child’s dental care, it can help them maintain their natural teeth as long as possible.

In addition to rinses, fluoride treatments come in a variety of forms, including gels, foams, and varnishes. In some cases, especially for younger children, the hygienist can apply the fluoride solution to each tooth with a cotton swab to make sure each tooth is properly covered. The type of treatment recommended will depend on the level of demineralization. To guarantee the most effective results, you may be asked to avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 30 minutes afterwards.

Fluoride treatments are effective in preventing demineralization in young children. 

Is Fluoride Safe for Children?

When administered by a trained dental professional, fluoride is considered a safe and effective treatment. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fluoride dispensed in small increments is a proven, preventative oral health treatment for children.

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