Receiving a dental crown used to require multiple visits to the dentist and the need to make messy molds. Thanks to advanced CEREC technology, Dr. Hester can prepare your tooth and manufacture your crown (a custom restoration that “caps” a damaged tooth) during one visit to our Valdosta, Georgia dental practice.

If you are searching for an experienced dentist who can place a natural-looking crown in one day, read one to learn more about this time-saving procedure.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Your time is valuable, and life can get busy. That’s one reason why our office invested in advanced CEREC technology. CEREC eliminates the need for multiple visits in order to have your crown made. During your one visit to our office, the computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technologies allow Dr. Hester to measure important details about your mouth before sending that digital information to an in-house milling machine that can fabricate your custom crown while you wait. Performing the fabrication of crowns in our office allows Dr. Hester to closely monitor the fabrication process.

To learn more about the benefits of same-day crowns at our office online or please call (229) 247-3400.

Patients who opt for same-day crowns can also benefit from natural-looking results. Your custom prosthetic will be milled from a single block of high-quality porcelain. The final results meet the same standards as crowns that are fabricated in a professional laboratory. The porcelain block will be shade-matched to blend in with your natural teeth. Porcelain has many of the reflective qualities as natural teeth. Once your custom crown is placed, few people will be able to tell that you underwent restorative work.

How are crowns placed?

Your dental crown will be fabricated and placed during one visit to our dental practice. Before your crown can be fitted, your tooth will need to be prepared. This process involves removing some of the outer structure of your tooth so your custom crown can fit snugly in place. After using anesthesia to numb your tooth and sedation (if needed) to put you in a relaxed state, Dr. Hester will gently remove the outer layer of enamel. Once your tooth has been prepped, a special scanner will take a detailed image of your tooth. The digital information will be sent to a custom milling machine that will manufacture your crown while you wait.

After around one hour, your crown will be ready. Dr. Hester will check to ensure that it matches your natural teeth and fits snugly over your prepared tooth. Once you and Dr. Hester are both satisfied, the crown will be placed using a strong cement. Complications following this straightforward procedure are rare. Some patients may experience temporary sensitivity in the days or early weeks following treatment.

Dental crowns can last for well over 10 years when properly taken care of. Patients should never use their crown to bite or pry open packages or objects. Regular visits to the dentist and good oral hygiene habits can ensure that the underlying bone and tissue that supports the crown remains strong and healthy.

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Dental crowns are a natural-looking solution to a damaged or missing tooth. The prosthetic can even be fitted over a dental implant. To learn more about the benefits of same-day crowns, call our dental practice at (229) 247-3400.


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