If you are missing one or more consecutive teeth, an implant-supported bridge can restore the form and function of your smile. Dr. Brett Hester in Valdosta, GA, works with a dedicated implant specialist to coordinate placement of dental implants. Patients can undergo the entire implant treatment process in Dr. Hester’s office with no need for referrals.

About Dental Implants

Dental implants are prosthetic tooth roots. Instead of simply resting on the gums or attaching to surrounding teeth, an implant-supported restoration is anchored directly to the jawbone with a titanium post. This not only gives your restoration exceptional stability and functionality, but also prevents the jaw atrophy that follows the loss of a tooth. Traditional bridge wearers must eventually deal with recessed bone tissue near their restoration. Implants eliminate this issue.

After the implants have fused with the jaw, Dr. Hester will fabricate a custom bridge and attach it securely to the implants.

Implant Candidacy

Most patients who are missing one or several consecutive teeth are candidates for a dental implant-supported bridge. In general, the best candidates have:

  • Good overall health. Uncontrolled diabetes and tobacco use can compromise your ability to heal, which is key to the success of dental implants.
  • Good oral health. Patients with gum disease, decay, dental infection, or other oral health conditions must resolve these issues before they can receive implants.
  • Sufficient jawbone tissue. If you have suffered with missing teeth for a long time, you have likely experienced some bone atrophy. A bone graft or sinus lift can restore your candidacy. 

Dr. Hester carefully evaluates each potential implant patient. For those few who are not good candidates, he can recommend an alternative treatment. You may be better suited for a traditional bridge, which relies on adjacent teeth for support.

An implant-supported bridge is anchored directly to the jaw for excellent stability and jawbone retention.

The Process

Dr. Hester works closely with a trusted colleague who specializes in placing implants. Unlike most practices that refer their patients to another office for implant placement, all procedures are completed in Dr. Hester’s office from start to finish.

After the implants have been placed, it takes three to six months for the implants to become completely fused with the jawbone. During this time, Dr. Hester can provide a custom dental bridge. Once he confirms that the implants have fused to the jaw, he will fabricate a custom bridge and attach it securely to the implants. The result is a strong, comfortable, and fully functional smile.

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Dental implants are a landmark in dentistry that has helped millions to once again experience the many benefits of a healthy, complete smile. If you are suffering with a compromised smile, you owe it to yourself to learn how an implant-supported restoration can enhance your smile, support your oral health, and help you feel confident.  Send us a message online or call us at (229) 247-3400 to book a consultation. Dr. Hester can help determine if an implant-supported bridge is right for you.


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