Complete and Partial Dentures

Restoring Form and Function to Your Smile          

If you have missing teeth, you understand the impact it can have on your self-confidence and overall comfort.  Without a proper bite, the foods you have always enjoyed can be difficult or impossible to eat.  Problems with speaking are another common consequence that may lead you to avoid others and to hide your smile. Fortunately, Dr. Brett Hester offers both traditional dentures and implant-supported restorations at his Valdosta, GA, practice to restore appearance and proper function to your smile.

Today's dentures look more natural and function better than before. Today's dentures look more natural and function better than before. 

When Traditional Dentures May Be Right for You

Dentures are prosthetic appliances designed to replace a full or partial arch of missing teeth. A complete set of dentures consists of a full arch of artificial teeth on an acrylic base, which is colored to blend in with the gums. They are retained with a combination of suction and denture adhesive. Partial dentures replace only some of the teeth, and are usually retained with clasps that attach to the remaining natural teeth.

Some reasons to choose traditional dentures include:

Non-invasive: While implant-supported dentures require at least one surgical procedure and an extensive period of healing and recovery, traditional dentures sit directly over the top of the gums.

Quicker Solution: Once a series of impressions and molds are made of your mouth, our partner lab will create the restoration. Within a few weeks, we will schedule your next appointment and deliver your new, custom-crafted denture.

Affordability: Dentures provide a more affordable option, while still restoring aesthetics and function to your smile.

Dr. Hester offers high-quality dentures that can significantly improve your quality of life. 

Why Implant-supported Dentures Are Often Preferred

Like traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures replace a full or partial arch of teeth. However, instead of suction and adhesives holding the appliance in place, it is secured firmly with dental implants. There are several types of attachment systems, but the most common are bar-supported and ball-retained. Bar-supported systems use four to six dental implants, and the denture attaches to a bar that sits above the gum line. Ball-retained systems use a ball-and-socket mechanism with only two implants to secure a lower denture. There are many factors that influence what type of implant-supported denture is suited to each patient, and Dr. Hester will help you decide on the best option. He can also modify your existing denture to be stabilized with dental implants.

Reasons that implant-supported dentures are considered to be superior to traditional dentures include:

Stability: Implants provide a sturdy base for the denture so it will not move out of place when you eat and speak.

Bone Retention: By preserving bone mass in the jaw, implants contribute to oral health and also preserve facial structure.

Closest to Natural: Implant-retained dentures look and feel more like your own teeth and do not interfere with taste by covering the roof of the mouth.

If you choose dental implants, Dr. Hester’s partner specialist will perform the surgery in our office. The treatment time for dental implants varies, but you will need several months to fully heal.

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Dr. Hester offers high-quality dentures that can significantly improve your quality of life. Whether you are interested in a traditional denture, or would like to explore the option of an implant-supported denture, he and his highly experienced staff are ready to help. To learn more about your denture options, please contact us today.

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