Adult Invisalign In Valdosta, Georgia

If you are an adult looking for ways to subtly transform your smile look no further! Invisalign treatment is offered for adults and has changed the way we all view “orthodontic treatment.” Specifically, at Brett Hester, DMD located in Valdosta, Georgia we offer exceptional care while you are going through Invisalign treatment. A common misconception about Invisalign is that it is only for teens or adolescents, but to be fair its for individuals of all ages!

Now, it is important to note that there are some cases where Invisalign treatment may look a little longer for an individual due to a more complex case, but typically, treatment lasts about a year (give or take) depending on combination of the individual’s and Invisalign provider’s goals of the orthodontic treatment. By scheduling an initial consultation with us at Brett Hester, DMD an initial evaluation can be completed to provide us with a 3-D digital treatment plan using the Invisalign software system. A high-tech 3-D scanning wand will scan your full mouth to create a treatment plan, which physically shows the desired tooth movements tray by tray to see how long your customized Invisalign case will take. If any tweaks need to be made in the proposed treatment plan or results need to be changed, it will be digitally adjusted accordingly. This way you can see your results well before your treatment ever begins!

Our great friends and Midlothian, VA dental experts at River Run Dental Spa have expressed that Invisalign has changed the lived of many of their patients. From the digitized treatment plan, your aligners will be customized to exclusively fit your teeth! These are from a clear, BPA free plastic made from a flexible material so they are comfortable in the mouth. Typically, one set of aligners are worn for 1-2 weeks ranging from 18-20 hours per day and only to be taken out when teeth brushing, flossing, drinking and eating. Office visits are much less frequent with Invisalign because you can be given 1-3 trays per time and not visiting every week or so like with traditional braces. Simply, Invisalign makes orthodontic treatment much more enjoyable as an adult and the benefits last long after!

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At Brett Hester, DMD, we are a family practice offering top of the line Invisalign treatment to patients in our office, which includes patients of all ages kids, teens and adults. If Invisalign seems to interest you, we encourage you to contact us to schedule an initial consultation.