The loss of an entire arch of teeth can lead to oral health problems and feelings of embarrassment. If you have experienced extensive tooth loss in 2023, Dr. Brett Hester can have you fitted with a custom full or partial denture. The advanced prosthetic replaces missing teeth and allows you to enjoy your favorite foods again.

A full denture replaces an entire row of teeth while a partial denture is used when several teeth are still remaining. Dentures can be removable or implant-retained. Read on to learn more about what a denture can do for you.

What can dentures do for me?

Dentures deliver restorative and cosmetic benefits. Following the loss of an entire arch of teeth, your cheeks can appear sunken-in. This creates the appearance of advanced age. Both dentures and partial dentures enhance your facial features and prevent the appearance of advanced aging.

A partial denture can also prevent your remaining teeth from shifting. When teeth shift out of place, jaw pain and impaired chewing ability can result. To prevent these dental problems from arising, Dr. Hester can have you fitted with a durable partial denture.

Tooth loss can make it difficult or even impossible to eat certain foods. Food is one of life’s great pleasures, and having a wide and varied diet is also important for nutritional reasons. Once your partial or full denture is placed, you can resume eating your favorite foods — steaks included!

To learn more about the many benefits of dentures through a consultation at our office online or please call (229) 247-3400.

If you opt for an implant-retained prosthetic, you can enjoy further benefits. Implants allow you to enjoy superior stability. Implant-retained restorations do not wobble or slip out of place. The titanium posts anchor your denture directly to your jawbone, just like natural teeth. Another oral health benefit of dental implants is the prevention of bone atrophy. The titanium posts stimulate bone regeneration.

Treatment Overview

If you are receiving a traditional denture, Dr. Hester will first need to establish your candidacy. This simple process involves an examination of potential dental or gum problems. If Dr. Hester finds any oral health issues, they can be treated at that appointment or soon after. Once your candidacy has been established, Dr. Hester will take images and impressions of your mouth. This information will be used to manufacture your custom full or partial denture.

Once your custom denture arrives, Dr. Hester will schedule a second visit. You will be given detailed instructions on how to care for and maintain your prosthetic. Once Dr. Hester is satisfied that the restoration is a good fit, you will be released to enjoy your restored smile. With proper care, dentures can last for several years or longer. If this if your first time having a denture placed, it may take a few weeks to adjust to the prosthetic. Members of our Valdosta, GA dental team can offer advice on how to prevent slipping or gum irritation.

If you are seeking an implant-retained restoration, Dr. Hester will have to determine your candidacy. One leading barrier to dental implants is a lack of jawbone density. If you have suffered bone loss, you may need to undergo bone graft surgery. Once your candidacy has been established, one or more dental implants will need to be surgically placed. Following the initial healing process, your implants will fuse with your jawbone tissue through a natural process called osseointegration.

At some point during your healing process, special devices called abutments will be attached to your implants. Once those have healed, you can receive your final implant-retained denture.

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Dentures restore your smile and quality of life. To learn more about the many benefits of dentures through a consultation at our office, please call (229) 247-3400.


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